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Helix Broadheads for Spring Turkey.

April 18, 2023

When you think of spring turkey hunting, you might think of run and gun style hunting with a firearm. However, more hunters are taking to the field with archery equipment in hand. The stick and bowstring can be an exciting way to harvest a bird this spring. Particularly a stick that is launching a single bevel Helix Broadhead.

Taking a turkey with a Helix Broadhead was a thrill for myself last spring.

Why a single bevel?

While there are many turkey specific broadheads on the market, you don’t want to sleep on the benefits of the FJ4 Helix 150 Grain Broadhead. The vitals on a Turkey are very small which leaves little room for error. The FJ4 150 Grain has a cutting diameter of 1 5/16″ and a total cutting surface with the additional bleeder blades of 2 1/4″. As a single bevel hits it’s target the broadhead will continue to rotate as it goes though creating massive damage.

The FJ4 Helix 150 Grain Broadhead.

Heavy on the front.

The cutting factor of the FJ4 Helix 150 Grain Broadhead is definitely a tremendous benefit, but what about the weight factor? 150 grains is not a very common weight used by most compound or crossbow shooters. A heavier broadhead and arrow configuration is something to consider. Ethical shots on turkeys are done within 20 yards. Why not beef up the front end of your arrow to drive as much energy through those feathers and vitals?

The proof is in the video.

While this will be the first spring for the FJ4 Helix Broadhead, the FJ2 Helix Broadhead found itself with many birds taken. The crew at The Rise were able to deal several dirt naps to longbeards. Be sure to see one of their exciting hunts here!