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About Helix Broadheads

(Formerly Strickland's Archery Helix)

The Helix broadhead was created by Tim Strickland of Strickland’s Archery (known as Strickland’s Archery Helix Broadheads). Tim set out to create the perfect broadhead. He didn’t want a broadhead that would just kill the game he was after; he wanted overall performance in his equipment. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. What was created? Perfection…

Single bevel technology: Single bevel broadheads are not new technology. The first single bevel head in modern times actually hit production almost three decades ago. There are stone points found with single bevel edges! Most everyone knows that arrows rotate or spin in flight due to the fletching. But what happens at impact and beyond?

A double bevel broadhead’s rotation stops at impact. Unless it hits a hard medium such as bone etc. It does not deviate from its path and leaves a straight wound channel with zero rotation. This happens due to the horizontal pressure being applied to both bevels from the tissue, making them push against each other which in turn keeps the broadhead straight.

With a single bevel broadhead, the arrow rotation continues at impact due to tissue pressure pushing against one bevel causing it to rotate. There are several advantages to this, but the most obvious is when the arrow penetrates bone. The bevel-induced rotation tends to cause massive bone breaks, especially in heavier bone; whereas a double bevel simply tries to force its way directly through.