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Press release for Helix Broadheads “FJ4”

December 29, 2022

New for 2023 Helix Broadheads introduces it’s 4 blade head the “FJ4”. The FJ4 broadhead takes the standard single bevel designed blade that Helix is known for and adds 2 smaller bleeder blades that insert directly into the ferrule. Adding for an additional 15/16” cutting diameter from the original Helix broadhead consisting of the following sizes 2 1/16” for the 100 and 175 grain head, 2 1/8” for the 125 and 200 grain head, and 2 1/4” for the 150 and 225 grain head. Helix customers alike have been requesting a 4 blade option for some time. After nearly a year of Research and Development the team at Helix Broadheads believe they have an outstanding and deadly offering for bowhunters everywhere. Improved blood trails and field proven results from the fall of 2022 tell us that the FJ4 is a broadhead to be reckoned with.